Build and Scale Your Micromobility Fleet

Particle helps micromobility manufacturers and operators build fleets that are more safe, secure, sustainable, and profitable.

Shared drives next wave of micromobility with cellular IoT

"Without Particle we would have had to rebuild the entire IoT stack. Using Particle allowed us to move from concept to live in-market in 3 months."

Braydon Batungbacal, CEO, Shared Technologies

IoT that helps you grow your fleet, not just manage it

Particle's IoT platform makes it easy to get unparalleled insights into every part of your vehicles. Get actionable data you can use immediately.

  • Reduce Theft

    Prevent, detect, and recover theft with locking and alerting capabilities.

  • Manage Battery Life

    Increase battery life with advanced power optimization capabilities.

  • Prevent Revenue Loss from Downtime

    Extend the life of ebike parts and eliminate revenue-losing breakdowns with proactive maintenance.

  • Use Data to Upsell

    Get customer insights that help you deeply understand your riders, so you only develop features they’ll be willing to pay more for.

  • Improve Rider Safety

    Encourage safe rider behavior and comply with city regulations with configurable speed limits.

  • Make Seamless Upgrades

    Push real-time updates to your fleet with Over-The-Air updates that won’t brick your devices.

A global mobility platform

Particle provides everything you need to power your mobility fleet, from device to cloud.

  1. Connectivity hardware — Connect your mobility fleets to the Internet with our easy-to-use connectivity hardware modules (Wi-Fi and Cellular).
  2. Device fleet software — Manage your mobility fleets wirelessly with our full suite of device management tools (Workbench, Console, Rules Engine).
  3. Connectivity infrastructure — Particle provides the SIM cards and data plans to connect your devices to the Internet easily.

Micromobility resources

Everything you need to know to manage your bike or scooter fleets efficiently

Micromobility and Regulatory Compliance

Micromobility, defined as electric motorized vehicles such as e-boards, e-scooters, and e-bikes that weigh less than 500 pounds and are used for urban trips under 5 miles, is increasingly seen by city planners across the world as a key part of solving their toughest transportation challenges.

The opportunity for micromobility operators to develop and maintain civic partnerships and grow their reach is vast. But today’s micromobility operators can’t act like those of years past. Speed to market is only one part of the puzzle. Building and operating a fleet that can not only ease the transportation burdens of city residents but also help city planners make better decisions with data will be a critical competitive advantage.

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