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A Scalable, Secure, and Easy to Use IoT Solution for Smart Energy

Develop, Design, Deploy, and Iterate on One Platform

  • Combat Energy Theft and Inaccurate Billing

    Monitor energy availability and consumption in real time all the way through the meter to enable a more data driven approach to energy theft identification and billing.

  • Protect Your Energy Infrastructure

    Develop condition monitoring capabilities across your entire energy infrastructure to accurately predict maintenance requirements and prevent unforeseen system anomalies

  • Optimize the Performance of Energy Assets

    Gather real-time performance data on all types of energy assets with one IoT platform, including usage data to develop feedback loops and deploy efficient strategies for performance optimization.

Leading Smart Energy Providers Build with Particle

Particle is Powering IoT across the Smart Energy Industry

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Smart Electricity Metering

Solar Farms

Connected Solar Farms

Battery Storage

Battery Monitoring Systems

Smart Grid

Smart Grid Applications

EV Charging

Smart Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Clean Energy Relies on Connectivity to Reach Its Full Potential

Get a fully integrated IoT solution that continuously monitors your entire energy infrastructure and makes it easy to manage from a central location.

  • Get The Data You Need

    Build systems that capture the energy data you need, from radiance and wattage to battery levels and vibration.

  • A Single, Unified Interface to Your Hardware

    Particle’s Device OS abstracts the complexity away from traditional firmware development. Choose from a variety of hardware for your project and get feature-rich APIs and secure communication that makes it simple to write applications for any device.

  • Global Connectivity That Keeps Energy Assets Connected to the Cloud

    EtherLink, Particle’s cloud connectivity solution, ensures a reliable connection between devices and the cloud no matter where your energy assets are.

  • Device Management Made Easy

    Use a scalable backend that lets you monitor and control all your devices with real-time event logs. remote diagnostics, and secure bi-directional commands.

  • Innovate and Upgrade Fearlessly

    EtherFlash, our OTA update system, gives you compatibility verification, intelligent updates, and dynamic delivery so you can push OTA updates live in 30 seconds without bricking your devices.

How the Internet of Things is Helping to Fight Climate Change

Experts estimate that IoT could account for a 15% emissions decrease across industry sectors by 2030. Additionally, by 2025, industry experts believe there will be more than 60 billion IoT devices deployed worldwide. With so many devices, IoT is expected to have an economic impact of $11.1 trillion a year. As such, the possibilities afforded by IoT are abundantly clear, which is why so many climate advocates and entrepreneurs have been turning to this technology to counteract climate change.

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Why Particle?

  • Accelerate Your Time to Market

    90% of Particle customers successfully deliver a product at scale within 12 months.

  • Get the Freedom of an Open Platform

    Everything about Particle is designed to be reprogrammable, reconfigurable, and API-driven.

  • Lower Development Costs

    Particle abstracts away most of the complexity from IoT development, so you don't need to hire dozens of engineers to get started.

  • Use One Integrated Platform

    Particle provides hardware, connectivity, security, and device/data management all in one platform.

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  • Innovate With Industry-Leading Over-The-Air Updates

    Particle is pre-integrated with everything you need to reliably update your firmware. Add features, push fixes, and iterate quickly.

  • Tap Into a Powerful Ecosystem

    Particle connects you to leading design and integration partners, as well as a 10,000+ member community of IoT developers.

  • Own Your Data

    Particle doesn't store any of your data. Keep all your data between you and your cloud provider with our open cloud APIs.

  • Protect Your Infrastructure with a Secure-by-Default Platform

    Protect your deployment with encryption and updated SOC II, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and CCPA compliance.

Smart Energy Starts with IoT

Energy system management can’t be left to chance. Get IoT that just works.