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Become a global HVAC leader with the Particle HVAC IoT suite

Boiler temperature, and PSI level being monitored by IoT on a mobile device

Watsco Develops The Future of AC Monitoring With Cellular IoT

With the Particle IoT Platform, Watsco developed a remote AC monitor called Sentree. This sensor provides 24/7 real-time remote monitoring so homeowners and businesses can counteract maintenance issues before they even happen.

With increased visibility into the state of each AC system, Watsco has been able to reduce service costs and improve customer service.

HVAC Unit connected via IoT

Solve the toughest problems in HVAC

Particle helps HVAC companies reduce service costs and improve the customer experience

walk in refrigerator being monitored by IoT

Predictive maintenance and servicing

Smart energy service technicians

Smart energy management

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Tracking heaters, boilers, and pumps

Industrial Fans and Blowers

Smart ventilation systems

Industrial freezer being monitored by IoT

Monitoring freezers and chillers

City using IoT

Smart Buildings

Increase energy savings and prevent leaks

Receive automatic alerts for leak detection and remotely monitor energy consumption of your HVAC equipment.

pump with valve being controlled by IoT on laptop

Enabling predictive maintenance

Remotely monitor your customers' HVAC systems and identify problems before they cause problems.

Air compressor being monitored by IoT on mobile device

Compliance reporting

Create compliance reports based off the data that is gathered from your connected operations.

Diagram on how Particle enables compliance reporting

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Become a global HVAC leader with the Particle HVAC IoT suite.