Connect Particle to IFTTT

Access Hundreds of additional web services and applications through the Particle Cloud and IFTTT

Particle helps you make amazing connected products. IFTTT lets you create simple connections between the apps and products you use every day. Now, with the Spark Channel on IFTTT, you can use web services with your physical projects, making the Internet of Things even easier. All you need to start is a device connected to the Particle Cloud. Build complex projects with just a few clicks!

Particle as a trigger

New event published

Get a push notification when your laundry is done

Let’s say you want to be notified when your laundry is done, or when your roommate gets home from work, or when someone rings your doorbell. Your Core or Photon can publish an Event in response to discrete actions like these. The "new event published" trigger is perfect for when you need to be informed when a sensor’s status changes, but you don’t want to ask for results over and over again. Instead of constantly checking if your laundry is done, get a single notification when your vibration sensor stops detecting motion.

  • Automatically post the message "We've got a visitor!" to your company Slack account when the front door of your office opens
  • Notify roommates and family that dinner is ready using a Particle-powered button to text their phones
  • Add a picture of your cat to Tumblr every time she passes a motion sensor when you're at work

Monitor a variable

Send a text when all the cookies have been eaten

Perhaps you want to monitor how much water your plants are getting or how hot it is outside. Maybe you want to be told when the weight of the cookie jar is getting dangerously low, or to be notified when it’s raining so much that your basement could flood. Monitor a variable is the best trigger to use when you want to continually collect data using a Particle variable, and use that data to influence actions through the web. This trigger is great when working with data that you want to measure.

  • Record exact temperature in a Google spreadsheet whenever it drops below freezing in your basement
  • Measure the noise at your house, and when it gets to a high enough decibel post to twitter to let everyone know the party is packed
  • Monitor the moisture in the soil of your favorite houseplant and get an alert when you need to water it

Monitor a function result

Post to Facebook when your hot tub is the right temperature

Maybe you want your Core to turn on your hot tub and then check its temperature, or you want your Photon to brew coffee and then tell you when it's done. All you need to start is a Particle function to ask your device to do something and then monitor the output. In this case, "monitor a function result" is the right trigger to connect your functions to actions available on IFTTT. You can also write functions for more complicated tasks, such as adding water to your coffee machine and starting it brewing.

  • Turn your home defense system on and get a text confirmation that the door is locked and motion sensors are on
  • Activate your rice cooker, and receive an iOS notification when your rice is done
  • Make a smart picture frame sing Happy Birthday, and automatically send a birthday Tweet when it finishes

Monitor your device status

Send an email when your internet goes out

What if you want to know whether your Particle board is online or offline? You can use this trigger to monitor your device’s status. It can tell you when device comes online, drops a connection, or powers up. If you’re just getting started with Particle and IFTTT this is a great trigger to explore. It will work with any Particle device and any firmware, whether it's the code what that was on your board when it shipped or if you've written more customized firmware.

  • Keep a running tally of all of the times your internet service goes out
  • Get an immediate notification if your power goes off
  • Set up a motion sensor that only connects to the web when it detects motion nearby

Particle as an action

Publish an Event

Make sure your neighbor knows when your team wins

Sometimes, you want to talk to two or more devices at a time instead of just one. If you want to trigger actions on more than one Core or Photon, try using Publish an event" as your action on IFTTT. Build reminder lights for your family that glow whenever a birthday, holiday, or reunion is coming up. Send a Tweet that the party’s starting and watch the Cores controlling your lights, stereo, and mirror ball do their thing.

  • Play the song "Brick House" in your home and office when your perfect apartment comes up on Craigslist
  • Set up celebration displays to go off when your new business makes a sale with Square
  • Turn on light displays throughout your school whenever the International Space Station passes overhead

Call a Function

Shine the bat signal when you need Batman (totally practical)

This action, Call a Function, can do just about anything with a single Particle device. Write any actions — simple or complex — into your firmware. Set them off using IFTTT triggers for ultimate awesomeness. Water your plants when it’s not going to rain, slowly turn on the bright lights in your room an hour before the first entry in your calendar, or just display how many tweets your hashtag has gotten on an LED strip.

  • Light up a picture frame based on how many likes your photo has on Instagram
  • Create a scrolling physical display of your favorite Twitter feed
  • Move the hands on your very own Weasley Clock based on your smartphone’s location

Example Particle Recipes

IFTTT Recipe: If daily goal achieved, then make my device shout rainbows! connects misfit to spark IFTTT Recipe: Stay in touch with an email sent via button press connects spark to gmail IFTTT Recipe: Track Internet Down Time connects spark to google-drive IFTTT Recipe: Tell my Core when an SF Apartment becomes available connects craigslist to spark