Particle Command Line Interface

Text-based command and control from your terminal

The Particle Command Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful open-source tool that makes device setup, OTA updates, managing device keys, monitoring data, and configuring integrations as easy as a typing a command into your favorite terminal.

Control your devices

The Particle CLI gives you all the tools you need to provision and administer your devices within a concise, text-based interface:

  • Setup, rename, unclaim devices
  • Compile and flash device firmware
  • Call Particle functions and get Particle variables
  • Manage and provision device keys
  • Open and monitor serial connections for debugging

Monitor remote data

The CLI gives you easy tools to monitor real-time data published by your fleet of devices. Filter your data stream by public and private events, by product type, or by individual device ID to get granular visibility into your fleet.

Configure webhooks and integrations

The CLI lets you configure, view, and manage webhooks and integrations directly from the CLI with the help of easy to follow text-based prompts. This makes connecting your devices to third-party web and data services easy and efficient.

Install quickly and easily

The Particle CLI can be installed, configured, and updated with just a few simple commands on any operating system. For those not comfortable installing dependencies themselves, the Particle CLI includes guided visual installers for Windows, with GUI installers for MacOS and Linux coming soon.

Get the command line interface

Windows CLI Installer Install on Linux or Mac