Particle Desktop IDE (Dev)

A powerful, local development environment for Mac, Windows, and Linux

The Dev Desktop IDE provides your team with advanced features that make managing large or complicated firmware projects fast, easy, and efficient. Use your favorite OS, existing versioning tools, Particle firmware libraries, and the speed of over-the-wire debugging to do professional development. It’s easy to download and install for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Advanced features for offline development

Powerful offline features streamline development complicated and data-intensive projects. Using your local filesystem and version control tools, Dev makes it easy and convenient to collaborate on a single project. Take advantage of offline workflows for firmware debugging, variable monitoring, and flashing over USB to further accelerate local development and save data.

Connected and familiar

The Web and Desktop IDEs share the same icons and Cloud-connected features, so it’s easy to transition between them. The hundreds of libraries and firmware examples you’re used to online in Build are compatible with the Local IDE, and you can also manage your Particle devices, compile firmware, and flash over the air firmware updates. The Desktop IDE gives you the confidence of storing all your files locally and the convenience of the Particle Cloud.

Open source and extensible

We’ve forked GitHub's open-source Atom project, so you have access to hundreds of plugins and customizations out of the box. Add themes, change syntax highlighting, and customize your workspace to equip the Particle Desktop IDE with exactly what you need.

Works on your OS

The Particle Desktop IDE works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, so you can use it on any machine--at home or at work. Install the Desktop IDE using fully packaged installers that include all the dependencies you need to jumpstart your development process.

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